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    Do you remember when the community provider was just around the corner? Well, we're bringing that back. Our GPS location-based app will connect you with nearby doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. You'll be seen in less than 2 hours in person or less than 15 minutes as a virtual visit.


    The first visit is FREE.

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    ¡Se habla español (and many other languages)!

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    Instant Care

    Request a nearby provider wherever you are. You will be notified of how long it will take for arrival to your location. Read their reviews. We will check your insurance (coming soon) and let you know if you are eligible to request compensation. The appropriate form will be emailed to you immediately. The first visit is FREE. Subsequent house call visits are $150 and telemedicine followup visits are only $35.

    Got Travel?

    You're on a beach in Thailand. Suddenly you feel sick. You are whisked away to a clinic and the doctor orders blood

    tests and offers you an injection in a foreign language. Do you nod yes? No. You turn on HealSwift! You can show your provider in the U.S. the lab results, the name of the medicine, or with a translator have the two providers talk to one another. Catastrophe avoided. 

    Virtual Visits

    After each face-to-face encounter you can have unlimited virtual telemedicine visits (a Skype-like experience) for up to one year for $35 each visit. A prescription can be sent to the pharmacy and a referral to a specialist can also be made. Texting is also available. Coverage will be provided 24/7 if your provider cannot be contacted.

    For Providers

    Just like Lyft or Uber you can clock in & out whenever... just turn on the app. You can see them in your clinic, your home office, or their home/ office/ hotel room.  Soon to come: specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists,physical therapists, psychiatrists, etc. Malpractice insurance provided if necessary.

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    How does HealSwift's pricing compare?


    HealSwift's pricing is competitive with other options for non-emergency care.

    On average, there is $100-$600 less out of pocket/ deductible costs with HealSwift as compared to Urgent Care and Emergency Department visits.


    How does reimbursement work?

    1. At the completion of your care, you pay the price you saw upfront, billed to your credit card.
    2. HealSwift sends you an itemized receipt with everything you need to submit for reimbursement. 
    3. Your insurance company will reimburse you based your individual plan.
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